by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Since it has now been proven that most Jews are genetically related to their ancestors from ancient Israel, one can assert without “ifs, ands or buts” that only Israel can be the real national home of the Jews. Since Israel is the rightful home of the Jews, it must also be clear that anti-Zionism is anti-Judaism. Or wouldn’t it be anti-Polish if the Poles were denied their right to their land?

Unlike many Arab countries, such as Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait (all formed from former French and English possessions), Israel is not an artificial state. None of the “political” Arab states reflects their own ethnic realities. There are Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, Tuaregs, Berbers, Bedouins, etc.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, was also an ardent advocate of the Pan-Europe idea. Herzl had always imagined Israel as an outpost of Europe, as part of the defensive wall against Asia, as a transmitter of European culture to the east, a state that serves European interests and is protected by European powers.

Herzl also wanted German to be the official language of Israel. Three days before Kaiser Wilhelm II’s trip to Palestine in October 1898, Herzl wrote in his diary: “To be under the protectorate of this strong, great, moral, splendidly administered, tightly organized Germany can only have the most beneficial effects on the character of the Jewish people.”

Israel is a European colonial project, which has set itself the goal of RESTORING the Jews’ ancestral homeland. That’s why it’s a unique colonial project, as it also means the Jews’ return to their roots.

In his 1939 book EUROPE IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION, Vladimir Poliakoff said the following:

“Palestine deserves a mention apart. The public is accustomed to look at the Holy Land as the cockpit where, under the guard of the British Empire, Jew and Arab are fighting for supremacy. That is only because the topical event overshadows important facts. For Palestine really is a brilliant example of post-war European expansion. The Jews have come to that country as representatives of European culture. Their fruitful effort transforms Asiatic Palestine into an increasingly European country. The Jewish National Home, in its practical realization, represents a European conquest.”

Israel is an integral part of the West. Christians worship an alien god. Because Christianity is the majority religion in Europe, it shouldn’t be surprising that Europeans are alienated from their own spiritual heritage. Christianity has been the ruling religion in Europe for 2000 years. Although Christianity has been Europeanized, it is difficult to deny or not recognize its Jewish roots.

Overall, the Jews are the founders of European monotheistic spirituality. This fateful Jewish-European symbiosis is the root of the pervasive tension between European Jews and non-Jews. Christianity is a foreign religion for European non-Jews but not for European Jews, because Yahweh is the ancestral God of European Jews but not of European non-Jews. While nominally accepting Christianity’s spiritual dominance in Europe, European non-Jews wrestle with their ancestral gods and sometimes try to fit these gods into a Christian framework and sometimes (but rarely!) embrace them while rejecting Christianity. Nevertheless, Europe is thriving, not because of or despite Christianity but WITH it. Christian Europe is the TRUE Europe.

The geographic location of Israel is irrelevant. Europe is not a geographical concept, but a cultural one. Wherever Europeans have set up civilizing outposts, another part of Europe has emerged. America is as much a European country as Israel is.

We have to define the word “Zionist” honestly and seriously. For today’s stupid fascists in Europe and America, all Jews are Zionists and thus the arch-enemy par excellence, the physical incarnation of Satan on earth. But this comic book interpretation is only useful for neo-Nazis and fanatical Muslims. Smart Europeans know, of course, that these claims are by no means true. On the contrary, only a tiny proportion of today’s Jews can be called true Zionists.

Zionism began at the end of the 19th century as a mass movement of nationalist and socialist Jews with the exclusive political goal of establishing a home for the Jewish people. In 1948 the national aspirations of the Zionists were realized with the establishment of the State of Israel.

Nonetheless, the nationalist flame of the Zionist struggle was not extinguished in 1948. On the contrary, with each passing year, the flame burned more passionately because of the Arab / Muslim world’s growing armed resistance. So the Jews got themselves to safety and fought for their survival like any healthy and ethnically conscious people.

Should the strong be forced to listen to the advice of the crippled? Should Israel let itself be told by the West how to act in its struggle for survival? Should Israel heed the criticisms of the forces that themselves have succumbed to the mob rule of the twilight people?

A nation proud of its heritage is condemned by self-righteous fanatics who in their blindness cannot see the beauty of the project that is Israel: CONQUEST THROUGH BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS. The will to power is evident. Who condemns the strong shall reap scorn by the meek. Those who cannot do, teach – and those who cannot act, bitch.

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