Let us start by considering, if you will, the word ‘countercultural’ and what it means. What do you think of straight away when you imagine a counterculture (or THE Counterculture rather, as it is usually associated with something quite specific in particular despite the general definition which could apply to many movements and historical periods [like the Adamites]), along with it’s consequences and implications? I would guess that what you see in your mind is similar to what I see in mine; it is the late 1960s, and the burgeoning hippie movement is fast on it’s way to becoming a defining phenomenon that will remain forever in the public consciousness as an ideal achievable with a potent combination of free love, mysterious hallucinogens, experimental music, light-shows, incense and youthful hedonism brought to even greater extremes by an added fear of dying from nuclear weapons at any time shortly. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was one of the protocols passed down to trusty new acolytes. The free love utopianism was, like all things, impermanent. The situation eventually took on a darker, much less sunny atmosphere as psychedelics started to break the minds of talented musicians like Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Greene and Moby Grape’s Skip Spence, who are remembered for being acid casualties and cautionary tales as well as for composing some of the best music of the late sixties. As deadlier drugs like heroin and amphetamines started to take up more and more space in people’s minds and bodies, the occasional hallucinogenic trip was replaced by a daily fiend that eventually claimed the lives of Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. This shift is felt quite viscerally in the music of The Velvet Underground and the creative output of Andy Warhol and his so-called ‘Superstars’ loafing in Warhol’s ‘Factory’. ‘Anything goes’ is fun for a while, but it is not sustainable, and if discipline and order are kept away for too long, things become messy.

     Radical groups of activists like the Weather Underground and Baader-Meinhof were borne from the 1968 student protests, a particularly violent occurrence (or string of occurrences, rather) that continued to influence radicals-to-be in developments seemingly at odds with the more innocent and humble Peace & Love beginnings. World Peace is a noble cause, but it is an unlikely one, so of course there were, eventually, violent groups of Far Leftists as well as subversion within the more intellectual spheres, with the likes of Foucault signing a manifesto calling for the abolition of the age of consent in France for instance. The Sixties are blamed for much of what caused the world to change into what we see all around us these days and how things degenerated so quickly between then and now. However, the roots of degeneration can be traced all the way back to the French Revolution by some scholars like E. Michael Jones, whilst others are said to go back even further, naming the Canaanites, Sumerians, Babylonians, Carthaginians and so on; at least one theory goes all the way back to tensions between the CroMagnon and the Neanderthals!      

     It could be argued that coming out as LGBT et cetera, is no longer a radical or counter-cultural act of defiance, nor has it been for quite some time now. Interestingly, many people going through the coming-out stage feel that, even now, it is still a shocking and controversial admission, despite clues that this issue has already penetrated the public sphere so deeply as to be everywhere now. One can scarcely flick through an MSM newspaper without seeing news covering some incident or new piece of legislation involving sexuality, race, gender or class mentioned in every second or third page, with backing by nearly every monolithic institution you can think of; from the police to assorted city councils, from BBC to Hollywood – now that doesn’t sound very countercultural to me! Quite the opposite, in fact; all of this helps to define the very corpus of the mainstream culture at large that intellectual explorers must carefully navigate if they are to give cancellations, perma-Zuck’s and wokist hooligans a wide berth. The metaphorical allusion to explosive mines in that previous sentence was intentional – evading such opposition can be a matter of life and death for lovers of truth, especially now tensions involving organisations like Antifa and BLM seem to be moving towards a climax or three.   

     I wouldn’t say I ‘came out’ per se – I did not sit my family down and inform them of my more conservative sympathies with a “Mum, Dad; there’s something you should know” followed by a pained sigh. Rather, it was more of a gradual process where more and more people in my family and friendship groups seemed to notice a gradual change in my character. One of the only regrets that weighed down heavily on my chest was some frustration at not being braver earlier on in my life, and how it took this long for me to take more of an emboldened stance for what I believe in. However, had I done just that, then events would have unfolded differently of course, and in some parallel lifetimes, their respective events could have resulted in more pain and suffering if I (or the multitude of alternate Adam Davis’ across parallel timelines) was too brazen about all of this too soon – unintended consequences, indeed.

     It feels like being a Rightist in England (and in Great Britain as a whole) is almost as incriminating as saying that you are LGBTQ+ in an Arabic country: you can lose your job, and you can lose your friends; it could get you disowned by your own family, and it can even put you in physical danger as well (mental health can also be compromised when on the receiving end of zersetzung, kompromat and cointelpro campaigns). Crowds of people could follow you and surround you in the street if you are found to be Right-wing in Britain, just like gay people in Muslim countries; it is one of the biggest taboos here. And like gay people, whether they are in Muslim countries or not, the budding Rightist has to push through a similarly awkward and difficult ‘coming-out’ rite of passage for the benefit of their loved ones, very much like what their LGBTQ+ counterparts have to do as well.

     They could probably exchange and compare cringeworthy anecdotes of family members reacting explosively to such news; the crying Mother and the red-faced Father nursed by a more liberal sibling who desperately tries not to make the situation worse! Ah, the joys of inter-generational divides! But, very much like the aforementioned others on similar journeys of discovery, I must also be true to myself. I cannot live a lie; I would be lying if I said, “I hated white people” – I do not! In fact, I would guess that I am actually firmly in the minority of Whites who do not carry the burdens of guilt, shame, blame and self-hatred like so many of our brothers and sisters of indigenous European descent, or partly so. They are ‘my people’, my kind – my kin! Like I said, men and women of indigenous European descent are my ethnic brothers and sisters, and they are important to me; they come first in a country (and in a continent) where we are the natives, of course – or they should be, at least. This reminds me; I find the use of the word ‘hate’ in political discourse to be a most curious phenomenon. Firstly, hate is a natural human emotion, just like all of the others. It is probably unwise to try and suppress or outright censor emotions deemed ‘inappropriate’ by the cultural engineers, whoever they are! Secondly, my Rightist inclinations are inspired more by feelings that oppose hate and hatefulness, like a parent worrying about their child; or in this case, a child worrying about their parents! That would be a more fitting metaphor; love for my kin, love for my heritage and my culture, whilst also feeling worry and concern over the future of Europe as well as the achievements it birthed. The great beauty that has so far outlasted it’s craftsman and artisans by centuries has not been surpassed anywhere else; long may this continue, well into the next couple of centuries as well. Beauty: unsurpassed (and unsurpassable) BEAUTY – what is that if not something worth dying to protect? If it is not worth dying to protect, then it is not Beauty! Nor is it Truth or Justice – behold, the Divine Trinity of Values!     

     If someone gave you a gun and forced you to shoot either your Mother or a stranger, then of course, you would shoot the stranger; that is Nature! Even if I were the stranger, I would expect to be shot by someone who was forced to choose between their own Mother and me! I would not be surprised; that is the natural way of things, one of the inherent codes – Laws of the Cosmos! Laws that say how you should put family first before total strangers…and that eventually applies to the extended family that is your own kind as well. You look after yourself; then after that, you look out for your family; then after that, you look out for men and women of your own kind, and so on…

     But we have been so badly interfered with and removed from our natural way of being that we have forgotten that important law; White people have forgotten that – most of them, anyway. I mean, how many white people say things like what I am saying right now? Certainly not many! And sometimes I feel that my fellow Whites are so cowardly, self-hating and treacherous to their own kind that I wonder if I should even bother at all! But they have enough people insulting them already; they don’t need me adding more insults. However, they do need people like me to at least try and help Whites to help themselves out of this multicultural dystopia that we have found ourselves stuck in.

     Why are we not rioting over Muslim paedophile gangs? Is that something that is not worth getting up off our comfortable sofas for? If not, I would hate to find out what is worth rioting over! If people are prepared to stop traffic over climate emergencies, why are they not stopping traffic over White natives being replaced in their own countries when people care so much about natives in other countries? Do these people, Leftists, think that Whites deserve it after our supposed historical records of global conquest? It would seem to look that way. Surely, however, they don’t think that White children deserve to get raped by Muslim gangsters?

     This used to be a beautiful country; this used to be one of the most beautiful countries on the entire planet, and now it is a dystopia. There is litter everywhere, mental health problems are everywhere, learning difficulties have risen sharply, gangs of drug dealers and traffickers are stalking the streets at night. You can see dysgenics in action in this country; dysgenics is the opposite of eugenics. People in this country are getting stupider, uglier, lazier and more brainwashed, generation after generation. I wonder if it’s possible to put toxins in food, water and air that target a specific race, like White folk, or a specific gender, like men? Or both – White men? How sad is that?

     To be a Rightist is to be part of a counter-culture. In the Sixties, it was counter-cultural to be a Hippie. In 2021, it is counter-cultural to be a conservative, to be against political correctness: not passively, not secretly, but actively – strongly, and with righteous anger at what is being done to us and how we are not allowed to protest or say the ‘wrong thing’ (even if we know that that in itself is wrong). It feels good to be so against the Modern Mainstream. I have moments of euphoria knowing that I am prepared to stick up for what is right in a climate where that could get you investigated by the police. Knowing that you are one of the minds that the brainwashing cannot reach is a damn good feeling indeed; try it – try it yourself. Train your mind, think such forbidden thoughts as “it is okay to be at least a little bit prejudiced if it means better protection for my own family, in our own home and in our own damn country!” – this country can still be beautiful once again. We need to take it back by force if necessary, or die trying.     

     It is okay to be White; it is okay to be a Conservative Rightist. It is more than okay – right now, it is sorely needed. It is more than just okay; it is necessary and vitally important to remember this, as we could be the generation tasked to make the most of a very last chance to save even some of our heritage. ‘It is okay to be White’ is, of course, true. But at the same time, it is also not radical enough considering how desperate the White-survivalist situation has become. If this is indeed the ‘final stand’ to save European natives from total extinction, then appeasement and fence-sitting will do very little good when we should be much more fired-up instead. ‘It is crucial to be a White-survivalist’ is better suited to address the seriousness of the problem. I would certainly hate it if my ancestors judged me for not even trying: who is with me…?

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