Left and Right are Two Eternally Opposed Concepts

Left and Right are Two Eternally Opposed Concepts By Romain d’Aspremont, author of The Promethean Right: Why the Right is Losing the Battle of Ideas and What its Revitalization Must Look Like Two transhumanism types are competing: a healthy (rightwing) one and a sickly (leftwing) one. This struggle is not specific to transhumanism. It has […]

Demographic Dilemmas

Demographic Dilemmas Demographic Dilemmas   The inability of the right to make inroads against an incompetent left is merely part of a broader picture: their failure to reckon with the consequences of the mass demographic changes they have helped unleash. If you are like me, you may have occasionally pondered one of the more confounding […]

About Sustainable Politics

About Sustainable Politics By Leonid Savin Excerpt from the book “Ordo Pluriversalis: The End of Pax Americana and the Rise of Multipolarity”, Black House Publishing, 2020. For many years, calls for creating appropriate mechanisms for a sustainable development model have been voiced from high tribunes, particularly by UN representatives. In these actors’ views, such policies […]

At the summits of Resistance

“The interpretation in the contemporary conditions would be, that full awareness is the foundation of any form of revolting.  Firmness and uncompromising ways do not mean that you should go to your workplace or campus and preach the gospel of tradition or god forbid criticise more specific discourses like non-European immigration, SJW Inquisitorial suppression of freedom of speech, Man loathing radical feminism, mass murder orchestrated through state-sponsored approved abortion or LGBT(X) Identity proliferation. It means living an authentic life in the spirit of tradition without even blinking to the onslaught of the anti-traditional forces which are gaining momentum with every moment in time. This is where we place the Way of the Warden as a concept of metaphysical revolt…”

The Land of the Blind

Today, Conservatives stand at a crucial point for their existence: marginalized and under constant attack by the institutions, the culture-distorters have made the Right out to be a negative and destructive force. Meanwhile, the liberal tenant, marches along virtually unopposed, parading under the banners of political correctness, multiculturalism, gender studies, LGBTQ lobbyism and radical man-hating feminism reinforced by the Great Replacement of native Europeans and Americans of European ancestry by the means of mass immigration and state-sponsored clinical birth control. This has became the modus operandi of the Left as a whole. The gravest threat coming out from its monopoly of our higher institutions is not the cultural deconstruction or the materialistic interpretation of History and reality, but the simulation of freedom with an inquisitorial PC viciousness.

Death to the World

Death to the World This world is dead. My ascension towards a better version of what my Will to Power pushes me to become, testing me against the limitations of my own physique, the fragility of my psyche and the external influences of the “Empire of Nothingness” is in every single meaningful action I make […]

The West as Shakespeare`s Prospero in “The Tempest”

The Tempest is a pastoral drama, it belongs to that literary kind which includes certain earlier English plays and is concerned with the opposition of nature and art. These both are presented through the characters of the two non-human beings, the natives of the aisle, Caliban and Ariel. Caliban represents nature without the benefit of nature, nature to an Art which is man`s power over the created world and over himself.; Nature divorced from grace or the senses without the mind. Ariel, on the other hand, is the chief instrument of Prospero’s Art. Prospero exercises his power through Ariel, that is to say, his moral wisdom has been attained through the imagination, or with interaction with the imagination.

The Best Catchphrases Of The Ancient Spartans

The Spartans pioneered the laconic phrase. Lakonia was the general region around Sparta in southern Greece. They were a tough people, wasting little time with flowery phrases and got to the point quickly.

In Search of Non-White Philosophers

[Editors Note: This article was originally published January 13th, 2017 at libertymachinenews.com] Philosophy students from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) University of London, have demanded their syllabus comprise a majority of Asian and African philosophers.  In an attempt to ‘address the structural and epistemological legacy of colonialism’, they have shown themselves to be […]

The Neocon Slave Ethic

[Editors Note: This article was originally published on January 27, 2017 at libertymachinenews.com] When you think of neocons, you probably think of mighty words like ‘warmonger’, ‘hawkish’ – something which reflects their aggressive foreign policy. But don’t mistake their principles for the strong foundations of Western Civilization. The neocons are not the spiritual descendants of the […]

The Faustian Soul

After Achilles had defeated Hector in battle, his chariot dragged his corpse by the heels. Such was the hubristic spirit of our Indo-European ancestors — warrior nomads who conquered and ruled peoples from Europe to Asia, millennia before anyone had heard of Alexander. But the same spirit which restlessly pursued immortality in fame and glory would not only cause their European descendants to circumnavigate the globe and conquer its poles but map the human genome also; not only has the White man needed to tower into the skies and conquer the moon, but that spirit has searched the depths of its own soul to master itself.

The Wardens Reading List Vol.1

Through much consideration, we have drawn from a wide spectrum of political ideas what we believe are the books that should be a part of every reactionary’s private Library.