About Us

Alexander the Great remarked that the people of Asia were slaves because they had not learned to pronounce the word “No.” 

As our civilisation finds itself in a state of cultural depletion, existential nothingness as well as intellectual sterility, we are compelled to act in a promethean manner and seize faith in our own hands. 

We have been betrayed by our own elites which are not able to see beyond capital reproduction and the pursuit of profit who will stop at nothing until they reforge the world as a shapeless consumerist mass without a sense of its past, role to play in the present or any sustainable conception about a future.

Every single contemporary political movement or a media outlet has not been able to cope with the challenges of the looming civilisational collapse. Every intellectual figure has failed in producing a framework of ideas which could reclaim the future stolen from us.

The mission of The Warden Post is to transcend the modern way of thinking and abandon the left and right paradigm and come with an intellectual foundation to overcome the converge of disasters towards forging a sustainable future.

For this reason, we are assembling the best writers and content creators so we can create the last line of resistance and empower ideas for social change.


“Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”